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Is motorcycling just a guy’s sport? No. There’s even a Quebec Women Riders Association!

In fact, according to the CVHR, the number of women motorcycle owners is currently at an all-time high. According to the latest data from the Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC), women represent 14% of all motorcycle owners, a proportion that more than doubled from 2003 to 2014*. And of the 30 million Americans who rode a motorcycle in 2014, a quarter were female*. In Quebec, according to the latest figures from the SAAQ, the number of female motorcycle owners increased by nearly 30% from 2010 to 2014.” (February 2016)

Practical information and magazines

Choosing a motorcycle for a woman
European article easily transposable

Women’s section
Passion Moto Sécurité website

Women Riders Now
Extremely comprehensive site for women riders, with guides to choosing a motorcycle, safety information, product reviews (bikes, clothing, accessories, etc.), rides, shares, etc. (English only). Includes:

Beginner’s Guide to Getting into motorcycling
Beginner’s Guide: Choosing your first motorcycle

Riding Right 
Section on motorcycle safety for women.

Articles and Features

Tributes to Women
At the February 2016 Motorcycle Show

Women in the saddle 
COHV site – a wealth of information on the most active women in motorcycling today

Women’s love of motorcycling
Article from Le Devoir

Portrait of Félicia Robichaud
On the FMSQ website

Griselda the Rider 
Various contents

My biker life 
Blog of a Quebec woman biker

Mag’ Motardes 
Website-magazine “about motorcycles and scooters for women” (France)

The essentials for women bikers (English only)




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