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The “Road safety education program” (RSEP) driving course has been mandatory in Quebec since 2010 to obtain a class 5 driver’s license – passenger vehicles. The RSEP includes a total of 39 hours of instruction, divided into four phases: 24 hours of classroom theory and 15 on-the-road training. Since the SAAQ requires that the first phase (theory) last at least one month and that the other three phases (theory and practical) take place over a period of at least 12 months, it takes a minimum of 13 months to complete the training and obtain a learner’s permit.


- Class 5 (RSEP)

– Learning manual: $75 + taxes                   (mandatory for your theory courses)

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Detailed course

Min. 28 days

This phase begins when you register for the course and make your first payment. You will automatically be assigned to a group and given your theory dates, which will be accessible through your student portal. During this learning phase, you will learn about the vehicle, the driver, the environment in which you drive and risky behaviours. We will strive to educate you on safe, cooperative and responsible behaviors while driving.

The program, the student platform, the learning materials, the SAAQ website and the course or “Learning Device” will be explained to you, and you will go through 5 two-hour modules:

The modules

Module 1 – Theoretical module focused on the vehicle

Module 2 – Theoretical module focused on the driver

Module 3 – Theoretical module focused on the environment

Module 4 – Theoretical module focused on risk behaviors

Module 5 – Review of the first four modules and online exam via the student portal

The exam itself is free, but you will have to pay a certain amount to obtain your learner’s permit from the SAAQ. To help you plan your budget, we have created a page detailing all the fees.


Please note

If you fail the test, you must wait to retake the test so that you have time to review your lessons, complete or redo the online exercises, or retake one or more modules. You cannot proceed to Phase 2 until you have completed Phase 1 and obtained your learner’s permit.

Once you have passed the theory test for Module 5, we will give you a certificate confirming this. To obtain your learner’s permit, you must go to a SAAQ office with the following documents:

1 – Your certificate of successful completion of the theory test

2 – Two pieces of identification (ideally, at least one with your photo)

3 – If you are a minor, a parental consent form (click to obtain it on the SAAQ website)

4 – The amount to be paid to the SAAQ for the issuance of the permit (click here to access the updated fees table)

5 – Something to comb your hair: we will take your picture!

Once you have your learner’s permit, you enter Phase 2 of your training, which marks the beginning of the 15 hours of on-road training you must complete in total to obtain your probationary licence. Phase 2 will allow you to learn basic vehicle maneuvers in simple driving environments. We will teach you safe, cooperative, and responsible behaviours. This phase consists of two theory modules and four on-road training sessions, which follow each other as shown in this chart:
Module Description Theory Practical***
6 Accompanied driving* 2 hours 2 x 55 min.
7 OEA (Observe, Evaluate, Act)** strategy 2 hours 2 x 55 min.
*From the time you obtain your learner’s permit until the end of the 24 months following your probationary licence, you must always drive with an accompanying driver. The person who is most likely to be your accompanying driver during these three years is invited to attend the two theory courses in Module 6, as they relate to accompanied driving. There is no charge for this person. ** The two practices in Module 7 can be combined, but not those in Module 6. *** The practical courses are 55 minutes long, which includes the introduction at the beginning and the feedback at the end of the exercise.

Phase 3, called “Semi-directed driving”, consists of three theory modules and six on-road training sessions, which follow each other as follows:

Module Description Theory Practical
8 Module focused on the concept of speed 2 hours 2 x 55 min.
9 Module focused on sharing the road 2 hours 2 x 55 min.
10 Module focused on the problem of driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs 2 hours 2 x 55 min.

Phase 3 consists of two mini-evaluations by your instructor. At the end of Phase 3, you will be encouraged to spend more time on the road with your coach, and even delay the start of Phase 4 slightly to allow you to drive more with your coach.

Phase 4, called “Semi-directed to autonomous driving”, includes two theory modules and five on-road training sessions. This is the last phase of your training.

Module Description Theory Practical*
11 Fatigue and distractions* 2 hours 2 x 55 min.
12 Ecodriving 2 hours 2 x 55 min.
Summary outing** 1 x 55 min.
During this phase, you will be able to take the second theory test, the SAAQ test, if at least 10 months have passed since you obtained your temporary permit. It is recommended that you wait until you have completed the theory courses before taking the SAAQ theory test. Once you have passed the second theory test at the SAAQ offices, you will have to wait an additional two months before you can schedule your final road test. * Observation outing. The first two practices of Phase 4 must be paired, as during one of these hours, you will be observing and during the other hour, you will be observed. In other words, there will be two students in the vehicle, and each will take turns being a driver and an observer. ** The summary outing is an on-road evaluation done by the driving school. It is virtually the same as the SAAQ evaluation, however the summary determines if you have acquired the skills necessary to pass the driving course.
Once you have successfully completed the theory program and the 15 on-road training sessions, you will receive a certificate marked “Pass”. You must have this certificate to take the final SAAQ road test.   The entire process will therefore take a minimum of 13 months.



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