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In order to meet all your needs, Pro Conduite schools offer several customized improvement courses at very affordable prices.

If you feel that you are less comfortable with a maneuver or in certain situations (parking, highways, lane changes, heavy traffic, etc.) and that you need to practice with an expert, you can take a skill improvement course with one of our instructors.

$75 + tx per hour* of instruction

  • Please note that for practical courses, 1 hour is actually 55 minutes.

Here is a list of the improvement courses offered:

  • Highway driving – lane changes and ramps
  • Parking (including parallel parking)
  • Ecodriving and defensive driving
  • Getting back behind the wheel – for people who have not driven for a long time
  • Customized (to your specific needs)

If you do not find what you are looking for, call us at 450 632-2335 (Saint-Constant) 450 465-0730 (Brossard) or 450 922-5757 (Sainte-Julie) and we will do our best to find a solution adapted to your specific needs.

In addition to their improvement courses, Pro Conduite Schools also offer several specialized courses to meet your particular needs and to help you in special situations.

We can even create a custom course to suit your needs if we think other drivers would benefit from it.

Because we want to keep these specialized courses affordable for everyone, they are priced the same as the improvement courses.

$75 + tx per hour* of instruction

* Please note that in the case of practical courses, 1 hour is actually 55 minutes

Here is a list of the specialized courses offered:

  • Adapted vehicles
    If you need to drive an adapted vehicle we can give you your training in your vehicle
  • Adaptation for seniors
    If your eyesight has deteriorated, if you have difficulty driving in the evening or at night, or in bad weather, or if your reflexes are no longer the same, we can help you develop driving strategies to compensate for these disadvantages
  • Winter Driving
    Do you find driving in winter every day, regardless of road conditions, nerve-wracking? It is. But it will be much less so when you take an hour of training focused solely on winter driving with one of our instructors.
  • After an accident
    You had an accident and you are afraid to drive again, or you have started driving again but your nervousness, in general or in certain situations, affects your driving negatively? Driving with an instructor could help you regain your confidence and better face driving situations that cause you excessive stress.
  • Evaluation with an occupational therapist (SAAQ)
    Depending on your age or if you have a physical handicap, the SAAQ may require an evaluation of your driving skills in the presence of an occupational therapist and a driving professional. We offer this service (fee does not include the occupational therapist’s fees).
  • After a health accident
    If you have had a stroke, or after a long period of recovery, your eyesight has changed significantly as a result of an accident, or you have a physical disability that affects your driving – even though the SAAQ does not require an evaluation with an occupational therapist, you may feel the need to be accompanied in adapting your driving style to your new situation. Our instructors can help you.

In real life, when things happen, they happen. You can’t cancel or undo like you can on a keyboard or in a computer game. You can’t go back in time to the accident you could have prevented or the exam you failed because you were nervous.

This is why we offer you simulation exercises: impaired driving simulation and SAAQ exam simulation to prepare you and reduce the stress associated with any exam.

Impaired driving simulation

When you have had a drink, your perceptions are distorted. You think you’re walking straight when everyone else sees that you’re taking five steps to the side and one step to the front, all the while staggering in a way that defies the laws of physics. On foot, it’s usually not too bad, but in a car, it’s something else, especially since you rarely feel like you’re too drunk to drive. For the same reason, it’s difficult, once sober, to remember what our perceptions were while we were intoxicated. That’s why a company had the idea to create special glasses that simulate the state of drunkenness: in other words, by wearing these glasses, you can perceive things as if you were drunk, but analyze and understand them with all your faculties and intelligence, since you are actually sober.

« Fatal Vision » Glasses

During your course, you will have the opportunity to safely experience for yourself what it is really like to drive while impaired by alcohol, day or night, after three or four drinks.

Because Pro Conduite is committed to your safety, you’ll be able to see for yourself how much your reaction time is slowed down and why you’re six times more likely to have an accident when you’ve been drinking.




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