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The tricks you need to know

We live in Quebec, where winters are very cold, and that does impact how our vehicles behave. Here are a few neet tricks and valuable info so that your car will start even when it’s really cold.


Of course, the car battery plays a major role in starting the car. It is the source of energy that goes to the starter to allow teh car to start. The colder the temprature, the more energy is necessary to start. Furthermore, cold does impact negatively a battery’s performance. At -35°C, a normal battery can provide only around 25% of it’s initial power. So it is important to maintain your battery and to check it’s efficience before winter shows up.

Heat up the engine block

Installing an engine block heater provides many advantages not just to start the car, but also for the environment… and your wallet. The lower the temperature below 0°C, the more the oil thickens and this creates resistance on certain moving parts, like the crank shart and the oil pump. Using an engine block heater reduces the internal friction a furthers the lifespan of the various engine parts.

Also, when the engine is cold, the vehicle uses a lot of gaz. The engine block heater allows the car to get to the right temperature faster, which means accessories will heat up faster and you will be more comfortable faster, you will lower your environmental footprint and keep your money in your pocket.


The starter is a system that can show signs of wear, just like any other vehicle parts. So it’s important to never exceed 8 seconds for any attempt at starting. And, it’s better to wait about 30 seconds between each try, to prevent the battery from loosing it’s charge.

Read the Owner’s Manual

When you have trouble starting your car, some car makers recommend that you press lightly on the accelerator pedal during start-up. If your vehicle has an injection engine, it is not recommended to use that method – so you do need to read your Car Owner’s Manual.

Let’s remember that it’s not necessary to let the car engine roll for 5-10 minutes before you leave. About 30 secondes is enough. The car will heat gradually and faster while you drive. However, be gentle on your engine while it’s still cold.