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Pro Conduite Sainte-Julie Driving School

The Sainte-Julie Pro Conduite Driving School is brand new and opens its doors on Monday June 13. Pro Conduite is determined to honor and maintain it’s reputation of excellence in Sainte-Julie, just as it does in its other schools.

You will find in Sainte-Julie the same high quality, dynamic and interesting teaching and access to the same level of competence in our instructors and monitors, as well as the same access to our motorccyle driving courses.

Practice with a beautiful Focus 2014 and, above all, meet Suzanne Legault, who is steward of the Sainte-Julie school. Suzanne will be strongly supported by Sonora who handles the reception on the weekends. Fernand Cloutier and Martin Ducharme, act as experienced instructors and instructors.


The school is located at:

801, de l’Abbé-Théoret Ave., Suite 7
Sainte-Julie (Quebec)  J3E 1N8

Phone: 450-922-5757
Email: Please use our contact form

Business hours:

Monday to Friday: Noon to 8 pm
Saturday: 10 am to 4 pm