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Our Staff

At École Pro Conduite Saint-Constant, you will find dynamic and competent certified instructors and monitors who cumulate very many years of experience in driving instruction.

Pierre Senechal

Monitor and instructor, Pierre teaches driving on the road and in classroom since 2013 and in the classroom since 2014. He is considerate, patient, very dynamic and always in search of excellence.

Claude Cayer

Monitor since 2013, Claude teaches driving on the road. He is calm and patient, and always professional. He is very “zen” and not at all stressed.

Sophie Desmarais

Monitor since 2015, formed by none other than Pro Conduite’s committed staff.

Léon Pelletier

Leon_PelletierOur manager, Leon, who has been active in the automotive industry for over 30 years. He’s the one who schedules appointments. Friendly and funny, he always exhibits great professionalism.

Did you know?

Trainers that give you the knowledge (theory) lessons are called instructors. Trainers who accompany you on the road are called monitors. The training for monitors lasts three weeks for two days a week and they must have an excellent driving record to be admitted. The course to become instructor also lasts three weeks for two days a week, but to be admitted, you must have accumulated more than 600 hours as a monitor if you hold has a college degree or higher. With a high school diploma, you must have accumulated 600 hours and be monitor for at least one year before you can be admitted to train as an instructor.