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Our Staff

L’École Pro Conduite Brossard boasts a competent and loyal staff:

The school is run by our qualified staff like Anne Brazeau, Carole Beauchemin et Sonora Lemieux.

Of course, our team in Brossard also relies on the good services of its trainers for car and motorcycle driving.

Trainers – Car Driving

Fernand Cloutier, monitor and instructor for several decades.
Pierre Senechal, monitor and instructor
Jean-Pierre Martel, monitor

Trainers – Motorcycle Driving


Ryan Doucet, motorcycle instructor


Allan pearce, motorcycle instructor


Pierre Senechal, motorcycle instructor


Did you know?

Trainers that give you the knowledge (theory) lessons are called instructors. Trainers who accompany you on the road are called monitors. The training for monitors lasts three weeks for two days a week and they must have an excellent driving record to be admitted. The course to become instructor also lasts three weeks for two days a week, but to be admitted, you must have accumulated more than 600 hours as a monitor if you hold has a college degree or higher. With a high school diploma, you must have accumulated 600 hours and be monitor for at least one year before you can be admitted to train as an instructor.