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Pro Conduite Sainte-Julie, Pro Conduite Brossard
and Pro Conduite Saint-Constant

At Pro Conduite, we have a vision: to become THE go-to place for driving lessons, and to expand our business throughout Quebec based on the excellence of our services and the professionalism of our people.

This year, we have made a good step in that direction by proudly adding to our Pro Conduite Banner the École de conduite Brossard, which becomes the Brossard Pro Conduite Driving School, and by creating the brand new Sainte-Julie Proconduite Driving School.


Nowadays, driving lessons are very different from what they were before. That is why the SAAQ chose to call this course “Road Safety Education Program” or RSEP. Because driving is far more than just knowing how to turn a steering wheel, change gears and press the accelerator or the brakes.

At Pro Conduite, not only do we follow the standards established by the SAAQ in 2010 with the RSEP, but we do better: we add elements to the program to improve the skills you will develop throughout your driving lessons at our school.

To us, good driving is:

  • Mastering operation of the vehicle but also self-mastery in any driving circumstance
  • Being always being alert because we are aware that we are not alone on the road and that anything can happen at any time
  • Knowing that we might have to respond quickly because we will encounter all kinds of drivers, from the mother distracted by the children crying in the car to the exhausted man on the brink of road rage, and from the elderly person that drives a bit more slowly to a driver distracted by their emotions – whether it’s anger or happiness, both being equally dangerous when driving…
  • Knowing how to behave calmly and handle our vehicle safely for ourselves, our loved ones and the people around us, whatever happens – an accident ahead, a crazy driver cutting us off, etc.

That’s why I aim for excellence, and I want to make sure our schools remain dynamic and to the forefront of driving and vehicle safety: for your safety and that of other road users, and because this is my own personal contribution to our society.

Hope to meet you !

Jimmy Trépanier