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At Pro Conduite, we have a Mission!

Starting in 2010, the SAAQ, has established uniform standards for learning to drive with its Road Safety Education Program (RSEP), which all schools must comply with. In our opinion, however, this program is a bit lacking, so we choose to offer you additional learnings that will help you improve the skills you acquire in the basic driving course.

That is why we made it our mission to become THE place to go to learn to drive and about driving. We want our students to not only pass the mandatory SAAQ road test, but to know how to behave and drive well in any real-life situation – because in real life, all kinds of situations can occur – and it’s your health, your safety, and ultimately your life that is at stake.

We think it is because of our commitment to excellence, to be THE place to go for all things driving, that we can pride ourselves with a more than 97% satisfaction rate among our students, who enjoy a pretty high success rate during the SAAQ road test. You see, we don’t just teach you the established program and to let you practice in recent and eco-friendly vehicles, we also add some information and educational tools, like explanatory videos, goggles simulating the effect of alcohol , access to revision exercises to prepare the knowledge test, and more.

That’s also why we have put a lot of efforts into make our site a reference point, a place where you will find an easy and direct access to all kinds of information about driving and road safety.

We are a dynamic and passionate team, which makes us a pioneering school that is committed to always better serve its customers: you!