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We’re there for you !

At Pro Conduite, we’re there for you even after the you’ve graduated. Here are some unique advantages you benefit from once you have completed your training, and even after you obtained your probationary licence:

During the probationary licence

If, within one year of obtaining your probationary licence, you feel you need help with any aspect of your driving (lane changes, blind spots, parallel parking, etc.), we will offer a 25% discount on two 50-minute practice periods.

Once you have your regular driver’s licence, if you want to take a refresher course, you will automatically get a 10% discount on our regular rates.

Referrals – Unlimited Offer!

At Pro Conduite, we believe in friends and family. If you refer a friend or a member of your family, you will automatically get a discount on the regular price of your driving lessons. When the time comes, just inquire to learn what discounts you’re entitled to!