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Small things that make a world of difference

Parce que nous voulons mettre toutes les chances de votre côté

We take care of you

Sometimes, life plays tricks on us… If you ever need special considerations to help you succeed and get your driver’s licence in a timely fashion and in a way that is comfortable for you, we’ve got you covered.
Here are a few examples of those small things that can make a world of difference and that we’ll be happy to offer if and when you need them:

If you are more comfortable having always the same monitor to practice driving, we understand that fully and we will fix your in-car sessions schedule according to your monitor’s availability.

You’d like to accelerate your learning (within legally accepted Vous préférez aller plus vite (to the extent permitted by law) to get your driver’s licence faster? If you agree to not always have the same monitor for your in-car sessions, we should be able to speed up your process to some extent. Make sure to mention this is what you want when we build your schedule with you.

That’s okay. You can take this course with another group and then continue with your original group for the next steps. 

You fear it you might have difficulties learning to drive because you are dyslexic, you suffer from attention deficit disorder (ADD or ADHD) or another learning challenge? We will do our best to adapt the teachnings and the lessons according to your specific needs.

We will do our best to offer educational support appropriate for your needs and your situation, so you can learn at your own pace.And if that is your need, you will be tested individually rather than in a group setting.

Whatever your needs, let us know and we’ll go above and beyond to help you and offer you appropriately customized services.