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As a member of the Quebec Association of driving schools (AECQ), Pro Conduite and all its schools, which means all of our staff (owners, instructors, coaches, manager, etc.) must and do adhere to a strict code of ethics.

As per this code of ethics:

  • We support and implement all measures necessary to improve the quality and availability of professional driving lessons to the public
  • We are committed to staying up to date and to constantly improve our knowledge and expertise in driving and road safety.
  • We will not accept a student if we have reason to believe that he or she could not benefit from our services as we can offer them.
  • We recognize the right of our students to consult other instructors, schools or competent person.
  • We decline to do business if we are not able to provide a quality service.
  • We give our lessons taking into account all possible specificities of each student and respecting their values and personal convictions inasmuch as they have been conveyed to us.
  • We will omit nothing and will do nothing contrary to current standards of teaching driving and road safety.
  • We demonstrate integrity and avoid any misrepresentation regarding our skill level, the effectiveness of our services or those of our competitors, and we explain to our customers as clearly and objectively as possible why it is necessary or advisable to take driving lessons, an additional course or a refresher course.
  • We do all we can to be available to provide you advice and any explanation necessary for you to understand and assess the services provided.
  • We do not prematurely discontinue your education unless we have just and reasonable motives to do so. Among the main “just and reasonable motives” that could cause the interruption of your training, are:
    • The fact that you have lost confidence in us.
    • The fact that you tend to behave illegally, unfairly or fraudulently.
  • We are also committed to avoiding any conflict of interest situations.
  • We establish fair and reasonable fees and costs and we let you know what they are in advance so you can make an informed choice.
  • We will provide you with professional level theoretical and practical lessons, and we will endeavor to make sure you acquire the basic principles of safe and defensive driving.
  • We will support any measures to protect the rights of consumers in our industry.
  • In addition, we make it a matter of honor to cooperate with any public or private organization involved in road safety.

The full code of ethics by which all members of the AECQ must abide can be found here.