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Telling testimonials

At the end of every course, we always ask our students to complete an evaluation questionnaire. This questionnaire allows us to check whether we are meeting the expectations of our customers and if there are areas where we need to improve. Because we want truthful answers, we do not require that the questionnaire to be signed.

One of the questions we ask is this: “What have you enjoyed the most during your training?”

Here are some of their answers:

“The way the teachers teach. For instance, at your competitors’ some courses are really dull and bland, but here, but here time flies and we learn easily and with a smile.”

“The way they capture the attention of students.”

“The quality of the monitor’s interventions. Always simple and practical. The monitor made me feel at ease during in-car sessions. Thank you very much!”

“The staff is welcoming and friendly, they quickly put us at ease.”