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How does it work?

You need to remember that the SAAQ decides and manages a demerit points system applicable to all licence holders. The number of points varies with the type and seriousness of offences or infractions to the Highway Safety Code (or under a municipal by-law, provincial or federal statute or a regulation concerning road safety). So you cumulate points, you don’t loose points.

How many points can I accumulate (before I loose my licence)?

Here is the answer:

Max # of
4 points* 8 points 12 points 15 points
Type of licence Learner’s licence or Probationary
Driver’s licence: holders under
age 23
Driver’s licence: holders age 23
or 24
Driver’s licence: holders age 25
and older
*Also applies to people who have never held a driver’s licence.

The licence holder looses it the moment they reach or pass the allowed maximum of points. If you have a learner’s licence and get 4 points, you may loose your licence.

To find out how many points are put on your record for the most common infractions or offences, please see the table on this page.