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Number of demerit points you can get for various offences

Here are two tables indicating the number of demerit points you can be given for various frequent offences.


Speeding Offences
Demerit Points
Travelling over the statutory or posted speed limit   Zone of 60 km/h or less 60 km/h to 90 km/h zone 100 km/h zone or more
by 11 to 20 km/h 1 1 1
by 21 to 30 km/h 2 2 2
by 31 to 39 km/h 3 3 3
by40 to 45 km/h 6 3 3
by 46 to 49 km/h 10 5 5
by 50 to 59 km/h 10 10 5
by 60 km/h 10 10 10
by 61 to 80 km/h 14 14 14
by 81 to 100 km/h 18 18 18
by 101 to 120 km/h 24 24 24
by 121 km/h or over 30 + 30 + 30 +


Other Offences

Offence Points
Speed too great for weather or road conditions 2
Tailgating 2
Accelerate when being passed 2
Pass a bicycle when the travel lane is too narrow 2
Fail to yield to pedestrians and cyclists at an intersection 2
Fail to yield to oncoming traffic 2
Brake suddenly without cause 2
Not stopping before turning right at a red traffic light (where permitted) 3
Fail to wear a seat belt 3
Fail to wear a helmet (motorcycles, mopeds & motorized scooters) 3
Pass on the right where prohibited 3
Pass on the left where prohibited 3
Drive in reverse where prohibited 3
Fail to obey the order or signal of a peace
officer, school crossing guard or flag person
Fail to obey a red traffic light or stop sign 3
Fail to come to a mandatory stop at a level crossing 3
Cross a line marking off lanes where prohibited 3
Drive while using a hand-held device that includes a telephone function 4
Fail to yield to an emergency vehicle whose lights or sound producing device are in operation 4
Fail to slow down or change lanes when approaching a stopped road vehicle with its flashing or rotating lights or yellow arrow signal light activated 4
Zigzagging to pass 4
Prohibited passing in a lane reserved for oncoming traffic 4
Speeding or reckless driving 4
Drive without an accompanying rider (learner’s licence holder) 4
Drive with the presence of alcohol in the body (21 y.o. or less, learner’s licence holder, driver’s licence with alcohol ignition interlock requirement or restricted licence following
revocation of a probationary licence, or Class 6D (moped and
motorized scooter) or 8 (farm tractor) held for less than 5 years)
Refuse to provide a breath sample 4
Fail to stop when approaching a school bus or minibus with its flashing lights in operation, or prohibited passing or meeting of such a vehicle 9
Prohibited use of a tunnel by a vehicle carrying dangerous substances 9
Failure of a driver involved in an accident to do his or her duty 9
Fail to stop at a level crossing when driving a bus, a minibus or a road vehicle carrying certain dangerous substances 9
Drive for a wager or stake or in a race 12
Hold onto or ride on the running board, an outer part of the vehicle, or in the box or dump body of a vehicle in motion, or tolerate such behaviour 12
Hold onto or be pulled or pushed by a vehicle in motion, or tolerate such behaviour 12

To learn more about this, you can visit the SAAQ website at this link.

*All data are indicative only. They could change over time.