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Impaired driving simulation

When we drink, our perceptions are altered. We think we walk straight while anyone can see we do 5 side-steps for one forward step, and our walk is so unstable it sometimes seems to defy the laws of physics. When we’re on foot, it’s generally not too serious. But in a car? That’s a whole other story. Especially since we rarely feel/know that we are too drunk to drive. For the same reason, it’s difficult, after we have sobered up, to remember what our perceptions were while we were drunk. That’s why a company had the brilliant idea to create special goggles that simulate the drunken state. In other words, when you wear those goggles, you see things as if you were drunk, but you can analyse and understand the situation with all your faculties and brains, because you are… sober.

Fatal Vision Goggles

During your training, you will have the chance to experience impaired drifing without taking any risk. You will know what it really is like to drive impaired by alcohol, day or night, and after two or three drinks.

Because your safety matters to us, you will be able to see for yourself how slow your reaction time is when you are drunk, and you will readily understand why drunk driving multiplies by 6 your risk of having an accident.