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To meet all your needs

Besides refresher/advanced courses, Pro Conduite schools offer many specialized courses to answer all your specific needs and help you in special situations.

We can even create a special course based on your needs if we think other drivers would benefit from it too.

Because we want those specialised courses to remain affordable, their price is the same as that of the advanced courses, that is: only $49.95+taxes for a one-hour* lesson.

If you have to drive an adapted vehicle, we can give you your in-car training in your vehicle.

If  your eyesight has deteriorated, if it has become harder to drive at night or in bad weather, or if your reflexes aren’t what they used to be, we can help you develop driving strategies that will help compensate those drawbacks.
In the winter, driving every day whatever the road conditions are stresses you out? Well, it is stressful indeed! But it will be a lot less stressful once you’ve had a good one-hour training focused exclusively on winter driving, with one of our monitors.
You had an accident and you are afraid to get back behind the wheel? Or you have started driving again but you’re so nervous – in general or in certain circumstances – that it affects your driving negatively? Driving with a monitor might help you regain your self-confidence and make it easier for you to face those driving circumstances that are excessively stressful for you.
Depending on your age or if you have withstood a physical trauma, the SAAQ can demand an evaluation of your driving skills with an ergotherapist and a driving professional. We offer that service (our rate doesn’t include the ergotherapist’s fees).
If you had a stroke, a heart attack or a long convalencence, if your sight has changed considerably after an accident, you have a physical handicap that can affect your driving abilities. Even if the SAAQ doesn’t require and evaluation with an ergotherapist, you might feel the need to be coached into adapting your driving skills in this new situation. Our monitors can help you.

*Please note that in the case of in-car lessons, one hour actually lasts 55 minutes.