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Learn to drive cars and motorcycles

Our schools offer two basic driving courses: driving a passenger vehicle (car), which leads to the Class 5 driver’s licence, and driving a motorcycle, which leads to obtaining a class 6A, 6B or 6C driver’s licence. We also offer specialised, refresher and advanced courses.

Why take driving lessons?

Because in Quebec, it’s mandatory since July 2000 for motorcycles and since January 17 2010 for cars

Why is it mandatory?

Because if it’s relatively easy to learn to start, change gear and make the vehicle move, it’s a lot more difficult to learn to:

  • Master the vehicle
    • In any circumstance
    • On all kinds of roads
    • Alone or in traffic, day and night
  • Drive while ensuring your own and your passenger’s safety as well as that of other people on the road around you
  • Drive in a safe manner in any circumstance (even behind someone who drives too slowly or after a bad driver cut you off, for instance)

That’s why the actual name of the driving course is Road Safety and Education Program (RSEP). It aims at making every new driver a more responsible one and “who will be better citizens of the road, more mindful of the duties and obligations that go with all collective life.

The program aims at rendering new drivers more aware of others users of the road and more cooperative, notably when it comes to more vulnerable users, heavy vehicles and motorcycles. It also aims at making you more autonomous, better prepared to drive safely and able to anticipate difficult or dangerous driving situations. The RSEP was designed so that you learn to “be a cooperative and responsible element of the moving traffic, while respecting the environment.”

What a program! And that explains why it lasts a total of 13 months –  more details when you click here.

As for motorcycle drivers to be, the same principles apply and they, too, will learn to respect other users of the road which driving in a manner that is likely to better their own safety. You will find it detailed here detailed here.


We also offer refresher/advanced courses as well as specialized courses to answer all your specific needs.

And of course, you can rent one of our cars for your road test with the SAAQ  rent one of our cars for your road test with the SAAQ.