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Do you really “get” the equation between speed and your security?

The Institut national de sécurité publique du Québec (INSPQ) published in 2005 – that is, before driving lessons were made mandatory again – a huge report on the relationship between speed and the number and seriousness of accidents, and the number of serious injuries and casualties following a road accident. You can read that 132 pages report online (or download it). It’s entitled “Road Speed: Health Impact and Counteractive Measures” and you can obtain it here.

Speeding in Québec

On March 25, 2010, Mrs Roselin Lambert published very harrowing data on the INSPQ website under the headline Quelques chiffres sur la vitesse au volant au Québec. In it, we find the following info:

Time needed for an alert driver to react when an obstacle shows up? 1 seconde

Distance a vehicle will go before being able to stop? At 100 km/h: 76 meters. At 130 kmh: 165 meters!

A pedestrian has ZERO CHANCE of survival if hit by a vehicle at 80 km/h.

In 2001, 75% of all tickets given in Quebec by police were related to speeding – that’s 600,000 tickets!

Is spite of that, more than half the vehicles built and sold can speed up to 200 km/h.

At the SAAQ

The SAAQ publishes some very visual pages showing the behaviour of a vehicle according to its speed. That’s something to see, because in truth, when you are in the car, you’re not really aware of your actual speed.