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8 Classes in all

In Quebec, there are eight different classes of driver’s licence that correspond to various types of vehicles and the various uses of vehicles.

The two most common are Class 5 – Passenger Vehicles, and Class 6, which covers motorcycles, moped and scooters.  Here are all the Classes (those in bold can only be obtained once you have a Class 5 licence:

  •     Heavy Vehicle Combination (classe 1)
  •     Bus (classe 2)
  •     Straight Truck (classe 3)
  •     Emergency Vehicles (classe 4A)
  •     Small bus or minibus (classe 4B)
  •     Taxicab (classe 4C)
  •     Passenger Vehicle (classe 5)
  •     All motorcycles (classe 6A)
    •     Cylinder Size of 400 cc or less (Class 6B)
    •     Cylinder Size of 125 cc or less (Class 6C)
    •     Moped or Motorized Scooter (Class 6D)
    •     Three-Wheeled Motorcycles (Class 6E)
  •     Farm Tractor (Class 8)