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Some topics never get easier

We’re all responsible for making the right decisions when aging starts affecting driving or worse, makes it dangerous. However, most frequently, it’s people around the driver or the driver’s loved ones that are likely to notice the first signs that something has changed or has gone wrong. That’s when you need to sit down for a conversion that will never be an easy one. So how do you do it? How do you bring that topic? Here are a few tips for loved ones of a senior driver whose driving might be altered.

Plan ahead!

The CAA suggests a very wise approach to this issue: “The easiest Le CAA propose une approche empreinte de sagesse: “The easiest way to have a discussion about limiting driving, or even not driving at all, is to consider having an annual conversation that you initiate long before driving skills are diminished in any way. That way, it’s a normal conversation, which makes it somewhat easier to approach decisions about driving when they do have to be made.”

To help you in this difficult conversation, the CAA proposes a downloadable guide entitled Knowing Your Limits Conversation Guide.