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Because it’s always nice

It’s always nice to be given an appreciative testimonial by our clients and students.

At the end of each course, we ask our students to evaluate our performance and the form we give them to do it allows them to remain anonymous, because we want them to feel  at ease to express their opinion freely, without the fear of being judged. On those forms, we often receive positive testimonials, but the one Julie gave us – she chose to sign her testimonial – was especially heartwarming, because she really took the time to tell us how much she had loved her experience with us:

“[I enjoyed] to talk with you like with old friends we reconnect with. I have had great admiration for you during my training. Thank you for the time you spend on us. Never lose that flame which drives you. The future is us and you, you are the people who make us become as you are: a source of inspiration. ” (Julie R. Sainte-Catherine)

Thanks you Julie, to have taken the time to let us know! It feels good to read you again from time to time!