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Everything changes

Nowadays, everything changes really fast. The Highway Safety Code and Road Safety Regulations change too, sometimes very quickly. So if you obtained your driver’s licence, say, 5 or 10 years ago, chances are your knowledge or skills are not up-to-date and that you’re missing on important information.

But how would you know?

Well, actually, the SAAQ does provide an online test that you can take for free. It will allow you to evaluate your knowledge and skills, and you’ll be able to figure out for yourself if you need a refresher course or not. The test has five sections or categories that you can do independantly from one another:

  • Regulations
  • Road signs and traffic signals
  • Driving and Road Safety – Car
  • All categories
  • Driving and Road Safety – Motorcycle

Go for it! It’s free and it might save your life! And if you determine that a refresher course would be welcome, remember that our Pro Conduite Driving Schools offer many very affordable refresher/advanced courses as well as specialized courses so that you can always be up-to-date in your knowledge and skills as a driver.