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A simple but efficient protocol

When getting near a crossroad – the most frequent being those with 4-stops, many don’t really know where to stop and when to start moving again after stopping. Here is how to do it:

  1. Visually survey the road in a way that allows you to see as wide and as far as possible, so that you can easily spot crossroads in advance
  2. Before you start breaking, check your rearview mirror to see if vehicles are following you and at what distance
  3. Press lightly on the break pedal so as to break smoothly and evenly
  4. Synchronize your breaking so that your wipers hide the stop line while you look into the intersection to see if you will be able to go quickly or if there are other vehicles or pedestrians that have priority over you.
  5. Stop all wheels of your vehicle while looking left, right and left again, to see other road users and to make eye contact if necessary.
  6. Confirm whether you can go or if you need to wait for the road to be clear.
  7. When the road is clear, just go without hesitating.
  8. This method will avoid much confusion.