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How to make a Stop

A simple but efficient protocol When getting near a crossroad – the most frequent being those with 4-stops, many don’t really know where to stop and when to start moving again after stopping. Here is how to do it: Visually survey the road in a way that allows you to see as wide and as […]

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Starting your car in cold weather

The tricks you need to know We live in Quebec, where winters are very cold, and that does impact how our vehicles behave. Here are a few neet tricks and valuable info so that your car will start even when it’s really cold. Battery Of course, the car battery plays a major role in starting […]

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Demerit Points vs Offences

Number of demerit points you can get for various offences Here are two tables indicating the number of demerit points you can be given for various frequent offences. Speeding Speeding Offences Demerit Points Travelling over the statutory or posted speed limit   Zone of 60 km/h or less 60 km/h to 90 km/h zone 100 km/h zone or more by […]

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Driving after 75 y.o.

Visual and Medical Evaluation Many reasons may bring the SAAQ to require you to pass a medical or visual examination, whatever your age, as a condition for you to keep your driver’s licence. However, the law stipulates that if you hold a Class 5, 6A, 6B, 6C, 6D or 8 licence, you must pass a […]

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Evaluate your skills

Everything changes Nowadays, everything changes really fast. The Highway Safety Code and Road Safety Regulations change too, sometimes very quickly. So if you obtained your driver’s licence, say, 5 or 10 years ago, chances are your knowledge or skills are not up-to-date and that you’re missing on important information. But how would you know? Well, […]

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Seniors on the road – the France connection

The French (France) have gotten rid a while ago of prejudice about seniors and driving. Here is what we find as an introductory statement on the website of their Road Safety Association: Other excerpts are just as interesting on that site: So what should you do, according to the French, to keep driving safely as […]

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Do you really “get” the equation between speed and your security? The Institut national de sécurité publique du Québec (INSPQ) published in 2005 – that is, before driving lessons were made mandatory again – a huge report on the relationship between speed and the number and seriousness of accidents, and the number of serious injuries […]

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The various classes of driver’s licences

8 Classes in all In Quebec, there are eight different classes of driver’s licence that correspond to various types of vehicles and the various uses of vehicles. The two most common are Class 5 – Passenger Vehicles, and Class 6, which covers motorcycles, moped and scooters.  Here are all the Classes (those in bold can […]

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