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Hello and Welcome in our new English site!

We have worked hard to bring you a site that we hope will become your go-to place to get information on driving, and learning driving. And now we have this English version, finally!

Whatever your age or your experience as a driver, whether you are a parent, a student, a veteran driver or someone facing unique challenges, we have thought of you and we have something for you on our site. We bring you detailed information on all that concerns driving a car or a motorcycle, driving lessons, the information coming from the SAAQ and other sources, like Transport Quebec

Aside from our professional driving courses – which go further and beyond the SAAQ requirements and for a very competitive price – you will find at Pro Conduite that our people are welcoming and competent. On our site, you will find a significant amount of information to help you figure it all out and make the right choices for you.

So allow me to invite you to visit the site and to come back often, as we are updating it regularly.

And of course, I hope I’ll be able to welcome you at one of our schools in the near future (do take advantage or our promotions!)

Jimmy Trépanier